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“I want people to acknowledge that all of this is incredibly complicated–and understanding and examining that complexity is part of what allows us to make the decisions we need to make in our lives. Whether its to go to a march, to make a person, to vote a certain way, to take part in a resistance movement, whatever the decision is, we have to have the full amount of information and this film will give a lot of that!”

Judith Arcana
Writer/Member of the pre-Roe abortion underground called JANE


“With anti-choice extremists and politicians continuously working to restrict access to abortion care, Our Bodies Our Doctors shows the importance of providing points of access. In underserved areas of the country like Oklahoma and Kansas, women seek abortion care despite the stigmatizing lies they are told. They are often surprised by the cleanliness of our facilities and friendliness of our staff. This documentary works to reveal the feminist perspective of care that providers implement into full-spectrum reproductive health care every day. “

Julie A. Burkhart
Founder & CEO Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center


“In the past, I have hesitated to be public about my career as an abortion provider. I agreed to work with Jan and her team because I believe strongly (and now more than ever) that we have a positive message to share about what we do as doctors. I want to show people a side of abortion care that is uplifting and that emphasizes what is right about this field of medicine.”

Dr. Andrea Chiavarini


“In a perfect world, I would have never done this documentary.  But that’s not the world we live in.  In our world, abortion is a four-letter word ripe with meaning but void of real information.  That void instead is filled with imagined truths.  I’m interested in this project because we need real narratives on abortion care to replace the false ones the abortion “debate” created.”

Dr. Leo Han


“I find the work very gratifying. In terms of quality of life, I think the vast majority of my patients feel relieved after this is all over, for many women they find it an empowering experience…it’s the first time they’ve ever been allowed to make a decision on their own. I think I do a good job, a necessary service for people when the rest of the community, or much of the rest of medical community is shying away.”

James Newhall


“For a long time, I worried no young doctors would be willing to take on this important work. Thankfully, a new generation of committed, passionate, and dedicated physicians have come through their training prepared to provide these services. This tells this little-known story of progress in our field, and offers a vital antidote to the distortions that circulate in the anti-choice movement.“

Dr. Mark Nichols


“One of the issues for me around abortion is that no one discusses it. The lack of understanding about the people who do abortions and the patients who get abortions is a problem as well as the lack of understanding about how many women get abortions and how common it is. Anything that can help dispel myths, that can bring abortion to the dinner table conversation, that can bring abortion topics into normal day-to-day life is important. I see the film as a good way to do that. I would love for people to watch this film and learn what really happens as opposed to the horror stories that are out there. “

Dr. Deborah Oyer


“When we tell our stories and when we’re out to one another and when we live in community, that is the antidote to fear.”

Dr. Willie Parker


“For so long the narrative about abortion providers has centered around older white men who remember caring for women pre-Roe v Wade. These doctors are my mentors, but I think it’s really important for the public to hear from a young woman abortion provider. I hope this film will help show women that a new generation of doctors will continue to be by their side.”

Dr. Eva Patil


“When Jan approached me to do this documentary I really liked that one of the main foci was on training abortion providers. I had such amazing mentors and I take a lot of pleasure taking on that responsibility for others now— students, residents, and fellows. I think this film highlights how we are really supportive of one another in the abortion community and also how passing on what we know is so important. We have to make sure that not just now but women in the future will have access to abortion care.”

Dr. Sarah Prager


“I wanted to represent my specialty in this documentary because I’m a family practice doctor and a lot of my OB/GYN colleagues were participating. I also think it’s really important to broaden the discussion about what taking care of women’s reproductive health is all about–and taking care of women in general, as well as working in teams.”

Dr. Amanda Risser

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